Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.
(3 John 1:2)

2016 BIC

     Fundamentals, Restoration and Challenge for the Model of Evangelist

     the restoration of 5 basics for the answer of 15 nations and 300 disciples (Acts 2:9-11, 41-42)

     Darakbang Expansion Camp centred on regional church
     (1) Word Actualise team (2) Prayer team (3) Evangelism Mission team

BIC Vision

1. Church and RUTC for 7000 Evangelism disciples and the platform of Remnant
  - 2000Regional Churches in Australia
  - 100 Regional Churches in Brisbane
  - Answer of 30 regional churches (2013)
2. Mission Home for Remnant disciples and elites
3. Multicultural oneness ministry for multicultural disciples
4. 600 Regional Churches, 8Evangelism Schools
5. Unity regional church ministry with Oceania General Assembly

Pastor's Greeting

The heart that desires happiness, wouldn't this be the hope of everyone notwithstanding colour, culture, language and nations.
That desire of hope must be true seeing that all men are created in God's likeness.
As we are created in God's image, every man on earth needs God. He came with human form and became Immanuel, to be with us.
He takes interests and touches all situations that people are facing, we cannot overcome suffering, curse and disaster of sin with our own strength, but
He has become the way, the truth and the life to set us free from these and from the evil spirit, and became our eternal happiness.
We, who have possessed the joyful news in which we could share with others who seek this eternal happiness, are the happiest people who are most joyful.